Director and Physiotherapist – Musculoskeletal and Women’s Health

Hello!  I’m Nicky and I’m an extremely passionate and dedicated physio with over 20 years experience.  With a career that has covered working in the NHS, in New Zealand and also private practice in the UK, I have become highly skilled and experienced in treating a wide variety of conditions.  Working initially only in the area of musculoskeletal problems, such as back pain, muscle pain and joint issues, I felt the need to diversify my approach to make it more holistic and encompass the whole person – after all, we more than just muscles, nerves and bones!  As a result, I trained as a Cranio-sacral Therapist and Life Coach recognising that what is in the mind is in the body and you can’t fix one without the other.

Since then,  I’ve gone on to have 2 children and thanks to having a few pelvic issues of my own, I went on to train as a Women’s Health physio.  Many don’t know what we do in that role as it’s rarely discussed but essentially, we help women who suffer with pelvic floor problems, tummy gap (diastasis recti), pelvic pain and incontinence issues.  With 1:3 women having a pelvic floor problem, it’s more common than you might think and it’s not just in the post-natal population.  We often see young women, especially sporty ones, with over activity in their pelvic floor which can cause a lot of problem including pelvic pain.

So now I spend the majority of my time working mainly with women, particularly the post-natal population, to help empower them and allow them to regain control of bodies after having children.  As a mum of 2 young children, I get how the mind and body feel at this difficult time and so will gently guide and nurture you towards a stronger, healthier body.  I’m  incredibly passionate about this and will always ensure I offer you a thorough and completely holistic service. In addition to my hands-on treatments, I can also offer you acupuncture for pain relief, cranio-sacral therapy, life coaching and pilates classes to help strengthen the core.

Ultimately, I want you to feel that you fully understand what’s causing your problem and then show you how you can help yourself to resolve it.  Feel free to give me a call or email me to discuss any problems you might be having and lets see how we can work together to get you feeling happier, healthier and in-control once more.